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My name is Myra Banks and I am a skinny, caffeine-addicted, lesbian from upstate New York that loves chubby cam girls. I have to admit I have more than a huge appreciation for the voluptuous female figure. BBW women are so sexually attractive and so under celebrated online; especially considering all the pleasures they bring to so many of us. Let me just say it, I love sexy fat girls!

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My appreciation for these fluffy and oh-so-lovely bbw cam girls has grown so much that I recently developed this blog to share what I have learned about the various bbw video chat sites. Besides sharing my insights and experiences; I like to give props to some of the hardest working bbw cam girls online. Those BBW cam girls I share on this blog are those who have some of the highest reviews on their shows. Since I make a habit of talking to BBW webcam girls at least a few days a week and have done so on more than year using 10 different bbw cam sites; I think I am pretty qualified to give some pretty reliable information.

It all started one morning in October 2016 after asking myself, why isn’t there more websites that specifically write about and focus on these super attractive curvy bbw cam girls? Well now there is my fun and insightful blog (www.BBWAdultWebcams.com) which focuses on just the top bbw internet models and big webcam girls. Again, since there are few sites showing love and appreciation for big cam girls I created this site just to share the best bbw cam sites and top bbw cam girls.

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Sorry guys, there are no skinny bitches here. 🙂 This is a place entirely dedicated is sexy fat girls on webcams, ssbbw cam models, and ultra-hot bbw webcam girls. I did mention I am from upstate New York, right? Besides the two resource pages above also check out some of the leading fluffy female entertainers here. We feature just the sexiest bbw cam girls!

Also remember you can drill deeper and learn even more about the 5 largest cam sites that have bbw models in the bbw cam site reviews. There we talk selection of bbw cam girls, prices for bbw cam shows, and more.

Enjoy and make sure to visit the bbw cam girls shows and share the love.

-Myra B

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